Rio Orchids is home to the Laboratory for Orchid Research and Development (LORD). It is here that we cultivate our orchid pods. We use a green pod method to help reduce the risk of possible contamination during germination. We grow our seeds in our own special formula that has been in use for over 5o years with high yield results.

Many of the orchids that are purchased by clients through other vendors have no idea that their orchids were brought to life in our lab. We nourish and care for germinating orchids for quite some time before they are ready to be taken out of the flasks and grown as seedlings in other nurseries through out the United States.

We often have flasks for sale of unique hybrids that have never been sold to the public before that are exclusive to RIO. These are available for sale in person and online.

If you are interested in growing your seed pods, please send an email to Angie, Angie@rioorchids.com.



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